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Disaster Planning for Nonprofits gives you tools to help you prepare for bad events. We outline the 3 main steps to disaster planning– document, gather, and problem solve–and then give you a place to document your plan.

The document and gather steps can be challenging because it involves taking inventories. We give you the tools to do that in the form of lists of what to inventory and excel spreadsheets to contain your information. These include:

  • Inventory spreadsheets
  • Resource/Partner spreadsheets
  • People/Contact spreadsheets
  • Continuation of Operations Plan by disaster template
  • Continuation of Operations Plan by task template

You don’t need to hunt around for where to start. We’ve started for you.

Download individual tools here:

Inventory spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel)
People spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel)

Once you have both the Guide and the Tools, you are ready to begin.

Watch the NPIP Disaster Planning in Nonprofits video.